About Maryah


wordpress picWhen I’m not plotting world peace or obsessing over the news, you’ll find me writing about werewolves and epic battles of good and evil, or working on my memoirs of Peace Corps Jordan and the Egyptian Revolution.

Born to Bostonian parents in Pennsylvania Dutch country, I headed abroad at my first opportunity and spent the second 16 years of my life bouncing between continents. I was a Peace Corps educator in Jordan, 2004–2006, and a CASA I Fellow studying in Cairo during the 2011 Arab Spring.

Essays about those experiences and more have been published in such journals as From Sac, New Madrid JournalSilk Road Review, Newfound, and Stoneboat Literary Journal. You’re warmly invited to peruse My Publications and my Portfolio for more, and to follow this blog (top right) to be the first to hear about the next story I put out in the world.

Now in New York City, I teach Arabic and English as a Second Language, as well as translating, copyediting and developing curriculum for a number of different organizations. I have variously worked in fundraising, program management and a variety of teaching positions. I have a Bachelor’s in English Literature from Goucher College, and a Master’s in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from Indiana University – Bloomington with a focus on Arabic language and linguistics.